Our chef and founder Marnita Hadnot-Baird has over 25 years of fine dining experience including working at Spago Beverly Hills, Barney Greengrass Beverly Hills and The Beverly Hills Hotel. She has served major celebrity guests both in restaurants and in their homes and has coordinated special catered events such as post Oscar parties. She also has vast wine experience as she worked with Master Sommelier Michael Bonaccorsi. Seven years with Wolfgang Puck, world travel with her husband, and 10 years as an international commercial flight attendant has made Marnita an avid “Foodie”.

She also maintains her FACTS certification as a corporate flight attendant on corporate jets .

Chef Marnita is an avid health and wellness advocate and is passionate about teaching others healthy eating to heal and build their bodies. She uses BPA-free plastic containers for dinner deliveries and recyclable containers for lunch. She is very knowledgeable of various diet protocols, and super sensitive to clients’ food allergies. Containers and cooking utensils for serious allergies are stored separately with their names and used only for those clients.

Chef has traveled the world and has settled on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe where she spends much of her spare time helping our community. She is a Red Cross disaster responder and was a hospice volunteer. When she lived in Truckee, CA she sat on the board of Slow Food Lake Tahoe.  Slow Food Lake Tahoe


” Just got kids down and have to tell you that was an amazing dinner! I’m sorry i did not get a chance to tell you enough just how wonderful your cooking is but I HAD to tonight!! Thank you and we are so very blessed to have you nourishing our family! ” Dr. Lee M.